Plan a fun and thought-provoking event with the New Mentalist!
Your people are the key to your success.
A knowledgeable, confident workforce is an asset that is hard to beat.
Recognize and fuel its commitment. Keep your people fresh; give them strength and ongoing support.
Boost their confidence in themselves and their work.
Give them resources to enhance their repertoire and their sense of mastery.
John McLachlan as a SPEAKER ...
has consulted to a variety of businesses. He applies his experience as a psychologist - addressing large gatherings and guiding small groups to solve problems. He has held clinical, teaching and administrative positions and has written over 70 articles on stress management, psychotherapy, educational methods, memory function, program evaluation, making groups work and the executive functions of the mind.
John McLachlan as a PERFORMER ...
is the New Mentalist. He blends psychology and mystery
to perform at

Host an event which produces a sparkle of wonder and
astonishment -- leaving your staff, clients or friends with
a moving and powerful experience.
30 to 90 Minute Motivational Talks